Simple to Complex Tools: Transitioning to Online Teaching with H5P and More

Simple to Complex Tools: Transitioning to Online Teaching with H5P and More

Arabic Hindi Urdu Teacher Workshop: 27-30 August, 9:00am -03:00pm (EST)

About this Event

This workshop is a LACE event, supported by the Hagop Kevorkian Center, New York University, the South Asia Institute, Columbia University, Sofia University, and the South Asia Institute, UT Austin. It is hosted by the Center for Educational Initiatives.

The online workshop is conducted in the Lace Academy Space. The program begins with a one-week, pre-program asynchronous segment, followed by a four-day synchronous meeting, ending with a week-long, post-program, asynchronous segment supported by synchronous office hour meetings.

A. Pre-Workshop (asynchronous): The program starts a week before the Zoom synchronous meeting with a pre-workshop segment: this segment includes an online classroom, equipped with materials and guiding questions for introduction, as well as a review of proficiency performance descriptors and the three communicative modes in a backward design context.

B. Hands-On Workshop (synchronous): The hands-on, synchronous workshop is scheduled for four consecutive days (27-30 August). During the first three days, each day is dedicated to specific digital tools from easy to hard. Trainees are registered at the Lace Academy Space and work online.

The facilitators will (a) introduce new tech tools, (b) provide and lead a discussion on their benefits to stakeholders, (c) assign hands-on task design activities to participants for each communication mode.

Participants will (a) familiarize themselves with new tools and practice using them, (b) review one proficiency level each day and discuss the communication modes (c) provide feedback about sample materials, (d) create and demonstrate teaching materials and tasks.

The fourth day is dedicated to material and task design as well as sharing and feedback.

C. Post-Workshop (asynchronous and synchronous office hours): The final segment allows facilitators to provide continued feedback and consultation. Participants will finalize and upload their products on the Lace Academy Space. LACE ACADEMY LMS

Objectives : At the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • recognize level-appropriate efficient online tasks for each communication mode
  • choose and apply new technological tools for material and task development
  • sequence online tasks for each communication mode


In order to address the growing need to transition to remote instruction, workshop facilitators will conduct hands-on sessions during which participants (individually or in pairs) will leverage and enhance existing resources to create a set of online materials and tasks for the three modes of communication and for the three proficiency levels. After input and feedback from facilitators and peers, participants will be able to post their projects to a public forum (such as Virtual Hindi, Virtual Urdu and Arabic resources). Their products will include specific material selection and tasks for the interpretive mode, scenario and step-by-step instructions for the interpersonal mode as well as RAFTS-based (Role+Audience+Format+Topic+Specific Language) instruction for the presentational mode.

Daily Schedule(Tentative):

Day 1: Exploration

  • Presentation 1: Audio Tool, Speak the Word (and if time allows Dictation)
  • Presentation 2: Twinery
  • Break
  • Hands On Application
  • Share, Learn and Feedback

Day 2 Collaboration

  • Recap and Agenda
  • Presentation 1: Interactive Video (if time allows Dialogue Cards)
  • Presentation 2: Miro/Wakelet
  • Break
  • Hands On Application
  • Share, Learn and Feedback

Day 3 Critical Thinking

  • Presentation 1: Course Presentation Tool and Column Tool
  • Presentation 2: HyperDocs (Google Docs)
  • Break
  • Hands On Application
  • Share, Learn and Feedback

Day 4 Share and Learn

  • Optional Moodle (Basic and Advanced)
  • Break
  • Hands On
  • Share, Learn and Feedback
  • Final Project Gallery Walk


Each day we will use:

  • Zoom meeting 9:00am – 1:00pm (new digital tool introduction and hands-on breakout sessions, sample presentations and feedback).
  • Zoom office hours: 1:00-2:30pm (to attend to individual questions).
  • Zoom Meeting 2:30- 3:00pm (share & learn more)
  • LACE Academy Space offered by the Center for Educational Initiatives where we store all information, links, samples, etc.
  • Eventbrite for initial announcements and some sharing post-program.

Note to participants: Every day you will be placed in teams in Zoom breakout rooms for hands-on application sessions. Please consider the following steps:

1. With your team members, discuss the type of instructional activity/material you want to develop. You should consider and agree on:

  • skill
  • mode
  • learners’ age
  • proficiency
  • topic/theme

2. Appoint one team member to share their screen and decide each member’s responsibility during the work on the task.

3. Each team member mirrors each step on the shared screen on their computer in order for everyone to end up with the same or slightly modified product.

4. Decide who will volunteer to present the new product.

5. Seek your trainers’ help — they are online ready to support you.